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Singular and Plural in Sentences 1

Singular and Plural in Sentences 1: Read the sentences carefully and pick up the correct singular or plural noun to complete the sentences.

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Singular and Plural in Sentences 1

Nouns can take several forms. Two of those forms are singular and plural. Most singular nouns denote one person or thing whereas plural nouns denote more than one person or thing.

Remember these rules to form the plural of a singular noun;

Most nouns add s to form the plural.

Add es to the nouns that end in ch, sh, s, x or z.

Add s to the nouns that end in a vowel and y.

y becomes ies in nouns that end in a consonant and y.

f becomes ves in nouns that end in f or fe.

Enjoy learning the basics of singular nouns and plural nouns with Singular and Plural in Sentences 1!

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{ "temp1settings": [{ "qtextcolor": "#000", "questiontype": "engsentence-1", "questioncolumns": "1" }], "temp1Description": [{ "questiondescription": "Singular and Plural in Sentences 1", "questionText":"Write the correct plural noun of the given singular noun." }], "temp1Questions": [{ "textbefore": "The poor boy cried for a ", "answer": "loaf", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"loaves,loaf", "textafter": "[b][i](loaves / loaf)[/b][/i]." }, { "textbefore": "Charlotte likes to eat ", "answer": "berries", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"berries,berry", "textafter": "[b][i](berries / berry)[/b][/i]." }, { "textbefore": "There is a flock of wild ", "answer": "geese", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"goose,geese", "textafter": "[b][i](goose / geese)[/b][/i] in my backyard." }, { "textbefore": "Elliot cut the cupcake into two ", "answer": "halves", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"halves,half", "textafter": "[b][i](halves /half)[/b][/i] and shared with his sister." }, { "textbefore": "Mr. Jackson has only one ", "answer": "child", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"child,children", "textafter": "[b][i](child / children)[/b][/i]." }, { "textbefore": "Mowgli was raised by a pack of ", "answer": "wolves", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"wolves,wolf", "textafter": "[b][i](wolves / wolf)[/b][/i]." }, { "textbefore": "Three blind ", "answer": "mice", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"mouse,mice", "textafter": "[b][i](mouse / mice)[/b][/i] ran after the farmer's wife." }, { "textbefore": "I have a bad ", "answer": "tooth", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"tooth,teeth", "textafter": "[b][i](tooth / teeth)[/b][/i] in my upper jaw." }, { "textbefore": "A gang of ", "answer": "thieves", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"thief,thieves", "textafter": "[b][i](thief / thieves)[/b][/i] broke into Mrs. Wayne's house." }, { "textbefore": "Hassans Walls lookout is a spectacular scenery of ", "answer": "valleys", "textafter": "", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"valleys,valley", "textafter": "[b][i](valleys / valley)[/b][/i] in the Blue Mountains." }]}