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Year 4 Maths

The K8 School Year 4 Maths section provides Year 4 math school lessons activities worksheets. Your child can learn and get the practice of a list of math lessons. Learn through our Year 4 maths lessons and practise our Year 4 maths activities for best results., if you search for better math websites.

Year 4 Addition

Our Year 4 Addition activities contain several addition exercises which teach your child the difficult ares in addition such as regrouping or carrying method with 2-digit and 3-digit number addition. Children are corrected on-the-spot while they are working out the sums.

Year 4 Multiplication

Enjoy our Year 4 Multiplication activities with finding the missing factor or finding the missing multiple activities. Children will be able to develop their mental math knowledge in multiplication by doing these horizontal multiplication activities.

Year 4 Ordering Numbers

The K8 School Year 4 Ordering Numbers activities teach children how to arrange numbers according to either ascending or descending order. Get the  help of our Year 4 Ordering Numbers Practice Activities to learn ascending and descending orders.

Year 4 Place Values

Here you will find our selection of free online Year 4 Place Values activities, which make your child acquire knowledge in place values and values of digits. Help your child learn place values with our Year 4 Place Values activities.

Year 4 Rounding Numbers

Year 4 Rounding Numbers activities have skills based on rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand etc. Help your child to learn rounding up or down the numbers with our Year 4 Rounding Numbers activities.

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