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Unlike Fractions Addition Word Problems

Unlike Fractions Addition Word Problems: Solve these adding unlike fractions word problems. Type the answers as in ’11/17′. Click the button below to try all our FREE PDF printable fraction worksheets.

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Unlike Fractions Addition Word Problems

Try this online practice worksheet on adding fractions word problems and hit the button ‘Check Answers’ to correct your answers. Click ‘Download/Print Worksheet’ button to download or print this worksheet.

{ "temp1settings": [{ "qtextcolor": "#000", "questiontype": "engsentence-1", "questioncolumns": "1" }], "temp1Description": [{ "questiondescription": "Unlike Fractions Addition Word Problems", "questionText":"Solve the following adding unlike fractions word problems. Please show all of your work." }], "temp1Questions": [{ "textbefore": "Last summer Zello the ice-cream seller sold 2/9 of peppermint flavoured ice-cream cones and 3/36 of strawberry flavoured ice-cream cones. How many ice-cream cones were sold in all?", "answer": "11/36", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "In Mr. Spenser's History class, 4/14 of the students received A's and 3/7 received B's. How many A's and B's received altogether?", "answer": "14/15", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "Tony's Coffee Shop uses 1/8 of a carton of milk for lattes and 1/4 of a carton of milk for cappuccino. How much milk is used for lattes and cappuccinos.", "answer": "3/8", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "David's bus ride to school is 1/4 of a mile and George's bus ride is 1/2 of a mile. How long is the total ride?", "answer": "3/4", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "Josephine found a yellow caterpillar and a green caterpillar in her backyard. One caterpillar was 2/5 of an inch long and the other caterpillar was 3/15 of an inch long. How long are both caterpillars?", "answer": "9/15", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "There are two pandas at Adelaide zoo. The male panda weighs 7/20 of a ton and the female panda weighs 1/5 of a ton. How heavy are both pandas", "answer": "11/20", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "Susan used 6/16 of a scoop of brown sugar and 1/4 of a scoop of white sugar to make desserts for her wedding anniversary dinner. What fraction of sugar are either brown or white?", "answer": "10/16", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "At Granny's Sweaters Boutique, 7/14 of the sweaters are sheep wool. Another 3/7 are cashmere wool. What fraction of the sweaters are either sheep wool or cashmere wool?", "answer": "13/14", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "Over a weekend, Marilyn drinks 3/8 of a bottle of mango juice and Jennifer drinks 8/16 of a bottle. How much more mango juice do they drink altogether?", "answer": "14/16", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "Norma made some tomato sauce with 1/7 of Roma tomatoes and 7/21 of Truss tomatoes. How much tomatoes did Norma use in all?", "answer": "10/21", "textafter": "" }] }