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List of Similes

Learn list of similes. A simile is a type of idiom. We use similes to compare things which are alike. Similes are used in everyday conversations, written works or compositions such as poems, essays, song lyrics, plays etc. because, they show typical qualities of creatures and things. Similes help you to convey the meaning of your message in an interesting, effective and a quick way.


List of similes and their meanings to show some distinctive qualities of creatures;


Simile Meaning
as agile as a monkey very quick
as blind as a bat completely blind
as brave as a lion very brave
as busy as an ant very busy
as calm as a cat very calm
as crafty as a fox very cunning
as devoted as a mother very dedicated
as fast as a deer very fast
as fat as a pig very fat
as feeble as a child very weak or delicate
as fierce as a lion very ferocious
as frisky as a lamb very energetic
as gentle as a dove having a kindly or tender nature
as graceful as a swan very elegant
as hairy as a gorilla very hairy
as happy as a king very happy
as harmless as a dove very innocent
as heavy as an elephant very heavy
as hungry as a hunter very hungry
as industrious as a beaver very active and hardworking
as like as two herring identical or look alike
as loyal as an apostle very trustworthy
as meek as a lamb very timid
as playful as a kitten very lively
as poor as a church mouse very poor


List of similes and their meanings to show some distinctive qualities of creatures;


Simile Meaning
as black as coal completely black
as brown as a berry completely brown
as changeable as the weather subject to change
as clear as a bell very clear
as cold as ice very cold
as dry as a bone completely dry
as easy as ABC very easy
as fit as a fiddle in very good health
as flat as a pancake completely flat
as fresh as a daisy very fresh
as good as gold very good
as green as grass completely green
as light as a feather very light
as alike as two peas identical or look alike
as old as the hills very old
as open as day completely open
as quick as lightning very quick
as regular as the clock happens at exactly regular times
as right as rain feeling completely well or healthy
as round as a barrel completely round
as safe as houses very safe
as sharp as a needle very sharp
as smooth as velvet very smooth
as soft as butter very soft
as sweet as honey very sweet


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