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Examples of Similes

Examples of Similes. A simile is a type of idiom. We use similes to compare things which are alike. Similes are used in everyday conversations, written works or compositions such as poems, essays, song lyrics, plays etc. because, they show typical qualities of creatures and things. Similes help you to convey the meaning of your message in an interesting, effective and a quick way. Enjoy these examples of similes!


List of similes and their meanings to show some distinctive qualities of creatures;




as busy as a bee

very busy

as cunning as a fox

very cunning

as fast as a hare

very fast

as flat as a flounder

completely flat

as fleet as a gazelle

very quick

as frisky as a two-year old

very energetic

as gentle as a lamb

having a kindly or tender nature

as happy as a lark

very happy

as hungry as a wolf

very hungry

as mad as a hatter

completely mad

as meek as a lamb

very shy

as obstinate as a mule

very stubborn

as old as Methuselah

very old

as patient as Job

very patient

as playful as a puppy

very lively

as pleased as Punch

very pleased

as plump as a partridge

very overweight

as proud as a peacock

very proud

as quiet as a mouse

extremely quiet

as sick as a dog

extremely ill

as silly as a sheep

very silly

as slippery as an eel

very slippery

as slow as a snail

very slow

as sober as a judge

completely sober

as stolid as a cow

completely emotionless or no sensitivity


List of similes and their meanings to show some distinctive qualities of things;




as black as soot

completely black

as bold as brass

completely shameless or impudent

as bright as a button

very clever or quick-witted

as brittle as glass

completely fragile or breakable

as clean as a whistle

extremely clean or clear

as clear as crystal

very clear

as cold as charity

very cold

as cool as a cucumber

be very calm and relaxed

as dead as a doornail

quite dead

as deaf as a doorpost

completely deaf

as drunk as a lord

completely drunk

as dull as dishwater

very dull or boring

as easy as winking

very easy

as fresh as paint

very fresh

as hard as iron

very hard

as hot as a furnace

very hot

as keen as mustard

extremely eager or enthusiastic

as large as life

conspicuously present

as neat as a new pin

extremely clean or neat

as pale as death

very pale

as purple as the heather

completely purple

as round as an orange

completely round

as sharp as a razor

very sharp

as silent as the grave

completely silent

as smooth as glass

very smooth


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