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Similes Examples

Similes Examples. A simile is a type of idiom. We use similes to compare things which are alike. Similes are used in everyday conversations, written works or compositions such as poems, essays, song lyrics, plays etc. because, they show typical qualities of creatures and things. Similes help you to convey the meaning of your message in an interesting, effective and a quick way. Enjoy these examples of similes!


Similes Examples and their meanings to show some distinctive qualities of creatures;




as free as a bird

completely free

as happy as a sandboy

very happy

as happy as Larry

very happy

as lazy as a pig

very lazy

as light as a butterfly

very light

as loathsome as a toad

very disgusting

as loyal as a dove

very loyal

as mad as a March hare

completely mad

as slow as a tortoise

very slow

as strong as a horse

very strong or powerful

as strong as an ox

very strong or powerful

as sure-footed as a goat

very confident

as swift as a deer

very fast

as swift as a hare

very fast

as swift as a hawk

very fast

as tall as a giant

very tall

as tall as a giraffe

very tall

as tenacious as a bulldog

very tenacious

as tender as a chicken

very tender

as tender as a shepherd

very caring

as thick as thieves

very close or friendly

as timid as a mouse

very timid

as timid as a rabbit

very timid

as wise as an owl

very wise

as wise as Solomon

very wise


Similes Examples and their meanings to show some distinctive qualities of things;




as hard as nails

very tough (in character)

as hot as hell

very hot

as light as air

very light

as nutty as a fruitcake

very crazy

as pale as death

very pale

as plain as day

very clear

as poor as dirt

very poor

as scarce as hen’s teeth

very scarce

as silent as the dead

completely silent

as smooth as silk

very smooth

as sound as a bell

very clear

as sour as vinegar

very sour

as steady as a rock

very steady

as stiff as a board

completely stiff

as stiff as a poker

completely stiff

as straight as an arrow


as sturdy as an oak

very strong and solid

as thin as a rake

very thin

as tough as leather

very tough

as tough as nails

very tough

as tough as old boots

very tough

as ugly as sin

very ugly

as warm as wool

very warm

as weak as water

easily influenced

as white as a ghost

very pale


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