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Money Word Problems Activity 1

Money Word Problems Activity 1: Read each money word problem carefully and find the answer. The following rules will help you to solve the money word problems. The below-mentioned rules will help you to solve the money word problems. Please use the lowercase ‘x’ as the operator of any multiplication and ‘/’ as the operator of any division. Get more practice in multiplication. Enjoy your multiplication word problems worksheet!

Word Problem Rules:


Jasmine saves $2 a day. How much does she save in 4 days?

$ = $

Coby spent $16 of his pocket money. Now he has $5 left with him. How much pocket money did he have at first?

$ $ = $

A pencil costs $7. A pen costs $11. How much more does the pen cost?

$ $ = $

Annie bought a blouse for $43. She gave the cashier $50. How much change did she receive?

$ $ = $

A doll costs $23. Mother bought 2 dolls for Lisa and Marie. How much did mother pay for dolls?

$ $ = $