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Multiplication Word Problems – Activity 1

Read the Multiplication Word problems and find the answers.The following rules will help you solve Multiplication Word problems.

Word Problem Rules:

Use the following signs in your keyboard as the operators.


Lilly has 3 packets of biscuits.There are 8 biscuits in each packet. How many sweets are there in all?


Grace has 4 combs of bananas. Each comb contains 7 bananas. How many bananas are ther altogether?


There are 5 girls. Each has 10 rubbers. How many rubbers are there altogether?


June bought 6 packets of lemon cakes. Each packet has 2 lemon cakes. How many lemon cakes did she buy in all?


Sally has 6 baskets of oranges. Each basket contains 6 oranges. How many oranges does she have in all?