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Rearranging Jumbled Letters to Make Words Activity 4

Rearranging Jumbled Letters to Make Words Activity 4: Rearrange the following jumbled letters to make words by dragging and dropping the letters to correct positions. Your answer is corrected as soon as you rearrange each word correctly.

Rearranging Jumbled Letters to Make Words Activity 4

Our scrambled words worksheets improve kids’ spelling skills. Kids will learn how to rearrange the given jumbled letters to words in the correct order and make meaningful words. This also helps the kids improve in their reading skills. Kids will enjoy the activity by moving the letters to the correct places, and also getting the answers corrected at the same time will make it interesting for them to carry on with the exercise. Our rearranging jumbled letters to make words activities help kids spell words easily. So, make and spell words with these letters. See how many words you can make with these scrambled letters. Enjoy turning scrambled letters to words by rearranging jumbled letters!

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[{ "question": "m i l k", "clue": "I need to buy some ............. and eggs from the grocery store.", "img":"milk.jpg","imgalter":"1st grade spelling words list 31" }, { "question": "e l e p h a n t", "clue": "The majestic ............. walked slowly through the Savannah.", "img":"elephant.jpg","imgalter":"Year 1 spelling words list 32" }, { "question": "c o m p u t e r", "clue": "My dad spends most of my workday sitting in front of a .............", "img":"computer.jpg","imgalter":"1st grade spelling list 33" }, { "question": "s h o e s", "clue": "My new ............. are so comfortable.", "img":"shoes.jpg","imgalter":"Year 1 spelling list 34" }, { "question": "c a m e r a", "clue": "He brought his ............. everywhere he went.", "img":"camera.jpg","imgalter":"1st grade spelling words list 35" }, { "question": "o c e a n", "clue": "The ............. is so vast.", "img":"ocean.jpg","imgalter":"Year 1 spelling words list 36" }, { "question": "b i c y c l e", "clue": "I enjoy riding my ............. through the park on a sunny day.", "img":"bicycle.jpg","imgalter":"1st grade spelling list 37" }, { "question": "s u n g l a s s e s", "clue": "She put on her ............. before stepping out into the bright sunlight.", "img":"sunglasses.jpg","imgalter":"Year 1 spelling list 38" }, { "question": "t e l e s c o p e", "clue": "He observed the planets and stars in the night sky with his .............", "img":"telescope.jpg","imgalter":"1st grade spelling words list 39" }, { "question": "n o t e b o o k", "clue": "I always carry a small ............. with me", "img":"notebook.jpg","imgalter":"Year 1 spelling words list 40" }]