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Reversible Changes Worksheet 3

Reversible Changes Worksheet 3: Read the given statements about reversible changes and choose if they are ‘True’ or ‘False’.

Read the lesson Reversible Changes! Try all Reversible Changes worksheets and quizzes!

Reversible Changes Worksheet 3 / Physical Changes Worksheets

Reversible changes are changes that can be undone or reversed. They are also called physical changes. Try these worksheets and see how much you know about reversible changes.

{ "temp1settings": [{ "qtextcolor": "#000", "questiontype": "engsentence-1", "questioncolumns": "1" }], "temp1Description": [{ "questiondescription": "Reversible Changes Worksheet 3 [br] Read the given statements about reversible changes and write if they are 'True' or 'False'.", "questionText":"" }], "temp1Questions": [{ "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]Boiling, evaporation and condensation are examples of physical changes.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 21", "answer": "True", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True,False", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]Baking, rusting and burning are not examples of reversible changes.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 22", "answer": "True", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True,False", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]When you melt butter you can reverse the change without changing the physical appearance.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 23", "answer": "False", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True,False", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]Metal and plastic can be melted by heating.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 24", "answer": "True", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True,False", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]Aluminium, lead and copper are metal alloys created by melting metal.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 25", "answer": "False", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True,False", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]Gold and silver are melted to make jewellery, coins, medals etc.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 26", "answer": "True", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True, False", "textafter": "" }, { "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]Brass, bronze and steel are examples of metal alloys.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 27", "answer": "True", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True, False", "textafter": "" },{ "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]Plastic can also be melted and pour into different molds to get different shapes.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 28", "answer": "False", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True, False", "textafter": "" },{ "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]Melted metal and plastic cannot be turned into solid metal and plastic.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 29", "answer": "True", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True, False", "textafter": "" },{ "textbefore": "[img src='' class='img-responsive' alt='' /] [br]Making mixtures, magnetism and crystallization are also some examples for reversible changes.", "imgalt": "Reversible changes - physical changes question 30", "answer": "True", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"True, False", "textafter": "" }]}