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Three Digit Number Words Activity 1

Three Digit Number Words Activity 1: Read the three digit number words and identify the correct three-digit numbers. Then drag and drop the correct three digit number to match them.

Three Digit Number Words Activity 1

There are three digits in a 3-digit number. According to their values, the digits are placed from right to left at one’s place, ten’s place and hundred’s place.

Practise learning numbers by finding the correct three-digit number that matches with the given 3-digit numbers in words or three-digit numbers in numerals. Kids will learn 3 digit numbers word form with the exercise, Three Digit Number Words Activity 1.

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{ "answers": ["111","215","782","414","504","696","801","300","921","119"], "backgroundClass":"rrectangle", "columns":"2", "questions": [{ "textbefore": "Two hundred and fifteen", "answer": "215", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" }, { "textbefore": "One hundred and eleven", "answer": "111", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" }, { "textbefore": "Seven hundred and eighty two", "answer": "782", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" }, { "textbefore": "Five hundred and four", "answer": "504", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" }, { "textbefore": "Nine hundred and twenty one", "answer": "921", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" },{ "textbefore": "Six hundred and ninety six", "answer": "696", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" },{ "textbefore": "Three hundred", "answer": "300", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" },{ "textbefore": "One hundred and nineteen", "answer": "119", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" },{ "textbefore": "Four hundred and fourteen", "answer": "414", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" },{ "textbefore": "Eight hundred and one", "answer": "801", "img":"arrow.png", "imgalt":"image alter text" }] }