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Examples of Present Simple Tense Activity 2

Examples of Present Simple Tense Activity 2: Complete the following present simple tense sentences. Choose the correct verb from the given list of words and fill in the blanks.

speak(s) , close(s) , drink(s) , play(s) , live(s) , buy(s) , open(s) , make(s) , set(s), eat(s)

Examples of Present Simple Tense Activity 2

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{ "temp1settings": [{ "qtextcolor": "#000", "questiontype": "engsentence-1", "questioncolumns": "1" }], "temp1Description": [{ "questiondescription": "" }], "temp1Questions": [{ "textbefore": "My grandparents ", "answer": "live", "textafter": "in New Castle.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"live,lives" }, { "textbefore": "The library ", "answer": "opens", "textafter": "at 9 o'clock every weekday.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"open,opens" }, { "textbefore": "Chloe never ", "answer": "plays", "textafter": "for the school netball team.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"play,plays" }, { "textbefore": "The shops ", "answer": "close", "textafter": "at 8.00 p.m. every Sunday.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"close,closes" }, { "textbefore": "Sophie ", "answer": "buys", "textafter": "a new book every month.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"buy,buys" }, { "textbefore": "The Sun ", "answer": "sets", "textafter": "in the west.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"set,sets" }, { "textbefore": "Andy and Dan always ", "answer": "make", "textafter": "fun of others.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"make,makes" }, { "textbefore": "Mrs. Harper's twins ", "answer": "drink", "textafter": "a glass of milk before going to school.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"drink,drinks" }, { "textbefore": "She ", "answer": "speaks", "textafter": "five languages.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"speak,speaks" }, { "textbefore": "Colin ", "answer": "eats", "textafter": "an apple for his breakfast.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"eat,eats" }]}