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Key Stage Three

Key Stage Three provides school lessons and interactive activities for children who are in year 6, 7 and 8.

Kindergarten Addition

The K8 School Kindergarten Addition activities contain interesting online exercises with fundamental Addition activities designed for the kindergarten to upgrade your kindy’s essential addition learning.

Kindergarten Spelling

Kindergarten Spelling activities contain exercises, for example, rearranging jumbled letters to make words, word riddles, phonics, rhyming words, vowels etc., helping kindies to enhance their knowledge in spelling.

Kindergarten Counting Numbers

Our Kindergarten Counting Numbers activities contain printable counting worksheets to practice basic counting with objects and pictures. Kids will love to count, identify and match the correct numbers in the given activities.

This page includes 2D shapes worksheets. Free online, printable and downloadable worksheets. What is a 2D shape? A 2D shape is any shape that you can lay flat on a piece of paper. Examples of 2D shapes are circle, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon and so on. Learn a list of 2D shapes names. Online practice worksheets to identify and learn the properties of 2D shapes for kids.

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